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Adult Tennis

Sessions Explained

Cardio Tennis

All ages and abilities are welcome at Cardio Tennis, a fun and sociable group fitness class. Sessions are led by a qualified and trained instructor. They combine music with a variety of high tempo exercises and activities to provide an enjoyable full body workout.

Who’s it for? – Everyone! Adult players of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels are welcome.

Tennis Express

Running over 6-weeks, Tennis Xpress is a coaching course for adult beginners.

Tennis Xpress uses modified equipment, including slower balls, so that starters can quickly learn the game of tennis, and be able to serve, rally and score from the first session. The course is divided into groups, which enables attendees to meet other players of a similar ability from the start.

Who’s it for? Men and Women Beginner /Improver

Club Morning

Running over 6-weeks, courses of doubles themed tactics and fun drills for players who want to learn more about the game of doubles.

Who’s it for? All standards

Men’s Night 7-8pm & Ladies Night 8-9pm

Running 6-week courses of fun singles and doubles drills whilst learning shots and tactics each week. **At the end of each course we will run a mixed doubles event 7- 9pm for all players involved. Who’s it for? Intermediate – Advanced

Tuesday League​

This has been running for many years, which the club has great pride in. If you like 2hrs of competitive doubles, this is perfect for you and a great way to meet members.

  • The format is doubles play and you play with the same partner every week (you can substitute partners if one of
    you is unavailable). If you do not have a partner, the Head Coach will try his best to organise someone on the night.
  • We will run the matches as either timed tennis (20/30 min) or playing 1 full set.
  • Each week the coach will make a record of results, which will effect the position you start the following week.

Invite Only Men’s Doubles Drills

Predominately aimed at 1st team players and top juniors in the club

Men’s / Ladies Team Practice

Invite only – team captains will run doubles practice matches

Club Matches

Team Captain Team Captain
Mens 1 Richard Gillanders Ladies 1 Nicole Cruse
Mens 2 Andy Pacey Ladies 2 Nicole Cruse
Mens Vet 1 Wayne Lemoine Ladies Vets Tracey Thompson
Mens Vet 2 Mark Jackson All Juniors Carolyn/Nicole
Day / Date Time GPLTC Team H/A Opponents Captain
January 2020
05 January 2020 10:30 Mens 1 Ian Pitt Cup A Woodford Wells Wayne
12 January 2020 10:00 Mens 2 H Elm Park Andy/Dane
12 January 2020 13:00 Ladies 1 H DL Gidea Park Nicole
26 January 2020 13:00 Mens 1 A Harlow 2 Richard
26 January 2020 13:00 Ladies 1 H Harlow Nicole
Day / Date Time GPLTC Team H/A Opponents Captain
February 2020
02 February 202010:00Ladies 2HCranaston Park 2Nicole
02 February 202014:0010&U MixedHBillericayNicole/Claire
09 February 202010:00Ladies 2HBrentwood LawnNicole
09 February 202013:00Mens 2HAldersbrook Andy/Dane
16 February 202013:00Mens 1 HRayleigh 1Richard
23 February 202010:00Ladies 2HDL SouthendNicole
23 February 202013:00Mens 1 HWestcliff LawnRichard
Day / Date Time GPLTC Team H/A Opponents Captain
March 2020
01 March 202013:3012&U Boys Grp AHHutton N ShenfieldNicole/Claire
01 March 2020TBA12&U Boys Grp BACranaston ParkNicole/Claire
08 March 202012:00Mens 2ADL Gidea Park
08 March 202012:00Mens 1AThorpe BayRichard
08 March 202012:00Ladies 2ADL Gidea ParkNicole
08 March 2020TBA14&U Girls D1AThorpe BayNicole/Claire
14 March 202013;00SUMMER MVets 1HSUMMER MVets 2Wayne
14 March 202016:0014&U Girls D1HHamptons S&L rearr 13/10Nicole/Katrina
15 March 202010:15Mens 2HCranbrook CastleAndy/Dane
15 March 202013:00Mens 1HHarlow 1Richard
15 March 202015:0014&U Girls D1HHamptons S&L rearr 13/10Nicole/Katrina
Day / Date Time GPLTC Team H/A Opponents Captain
October 2019
06 October 201910:00M Vets 1 – SummerHWoodford Wells VetsWayne
06 October 201913:0010&U MixedHIngatestone & FryerningNicole/Claire
06 October 201914:0012&U Boys Grp AAHamptons S&LNicole/Claire
06 October 201914:0012&U Boys Grp BHBuckhurst HillNicole/Claire
13 October 201910:00L Vets – SummerHWestcliff Lawn VetsTracey
13 October 201912:00Mens 1 – SummerARayleigh (from 07/07)Wayne/Tom
13 October 201913:3014&U Girls D1HHamptons S&LNicole/Katrina
19 October 201913:00M Vets 1 – SummerHRayleigh VetsWayne
20 October 201910:00Ladies 1HThorpe BayNicole
20 October 201913:00M Vets 2 – SummerAWestcliff Lawn VetsMark J
27 October 201910:00M Vets 2 – SummerAHockley (from 21/04)Mark J
27 October 201910:30M Vets 1 – SummerAWestcliff Hard VetsWayne
Day / Date Time GPLTC Team H/A Opponents Captain
November 2019
02 November 201912:00Mens 2 ACranaston park 2Andy/Dane
03 November 201910:00M Vets 1 -SummerHWestcliff Lawn VetsWayne
03 November 201913:00Ladies 2AWhitehallNicole
03 November 201913:00M Vets 2 – SummerHDL Gidea ParkMark J
17 November 201910:00Ladies 1HVirgin ClearviewNicole
17 November 201913:00Mens 1AHutton N ShenfieldRichard
17 November 2019TBA14&U Girls D1AHarlowNicole/Katrina
23 November 201913:00Don Barton CupAEssex G&CC Nicole
24 November 201910:30Ladies 2ABillericayNicole
Day / Date Time GPLTC Team H/A Opponents Captain
December 2019
01 December 201910:00Ladies 2HGrove (Chelmsford)Nicole
01 December 201913:00Ladies 1AAldersbrook 1Nicole
01 December 201913:0012&U Boys Grp BHWimx ConnaughtNicole/Claire
01 December 201914:0014&U Girls D1HIngatestone & FryerningNicole/Katrina
01 December 2019TBA12&U Boys Grp AAColchester Tennis CentreNicole/Claire
08 December 2019 TBA10&U MixedAThorpe BayNicole/Claire